If you’re an executive looking for your next board seat or a new employment opportunity, it’s not a secret that you have to network. It’s probably not a stretch to say that many executives and board members are comfortable walking in cold to a cocktail party and telling everyone there they are open for opportunities, but why rely exclusively on leaving that to chance when you can meet key decision makers and C-Level executives at an educational event? Tapping into an extensive, existing network a much more efficient way to start.

As another example, in sales, all-stars are made on frying the biggest fish. Everyone wants to get to the C-suite at the top companies, but as studies have shown, trying your luck with traditional sales tactics are often ineffective. Why be part of the other 100,000 marketing emails and cold calls to a CEO—that ultimately could be blocked by an admin—when you can leverage a warm introduction from a mutual connection? Board of Directors Center of Excellence events are designed to be just this type of networking environment and our website is designed as a type of communal "Rolodex" that you can tap into whenever you need it. 



Our Mission

To successfully support and educate prospective board members and Boards of Directors on the need for inclusion and diversity in the boardroom and by doing so improve  the quality of their Boards of Directors. 


The Board of Directors Center of Excellence is a non-profit organization providing business leaders the forum and expertise needed to meet the ever-changing challenges of corporate governance. We are focused on educating, enabling and connecting our members to be more cognizant of how board configurations and leadership structure may influence their corporate reputation for social responsibility. 

Additionally our focus is to:

  • Prepare to become candidates for selection processes of Boards of Directors of for-profit public and private companies, and

  • Learn industry best practices, access best in class content, and

  • Develop relevant relationships