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I’d like to share some information about an important organization that could benefit from your support and involvement.  
The Board of Directors Center of Excellence (“BOD COE”) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that holds educational events at premier hotel venues in the western region.  
The BOD COE’s mission is to educate, advise and inform the future members of corporate boards whose involvement, oversight and advice to our leading businesses in this country is more needed and vital than ever before.  Our mission is also about inclusion and the need for diversity in the boardroom.  Your help will ensure that this important mission continues to grow and develop the best talent possible. Your donation is tax deductible and will help shape the future leaders of business in a time of great change.
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Paul Gurrola
Board of Directors Center of Excellence


Join our community of Board Member Directors, C-Level Executives, Equity Capital Providers, Industry Experts and Sponsor Partners to actively meet and learn from fellow executives and other professionals.


Come join us at our upcoming seminar “Private Equity Boardrooms – Survival of the Fittest" Nov. 06th at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

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Board of Directors Center of Excellence strives to bring you some of the latest news from the world of corporate governance, finance, technology, design and maybe even a little bit of politics. As a member, you are invited to share your comments and opinions under each article. We hope it becomes a forum for some lively discussions and debates. Please also feel free to utilize the "Share" buttons which will allow you to share the article in your social media world. Keep in mind that sharing these articles is also an invaluable way for BOD COE's message and mission to reach the world. As always, any feedback or suggestions on future articles, events or site content are welcome. If you have an article or a paper that you have written and would like to share, we would love to post it! 

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We want to thank our generous sponsors for helping make the Board of Directors Center of Excellence possible and for showing their commitment and support for our live events. We consider our Sponsors more like Partners and appreciate their loyalty and support of our organization.

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