Charitable Contributions


The Board of Directors Center of Excellence is a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation, generously donated  funds by corporations, foundations and individuals are critical in assisting us in a variety of ways; hosting live events, securing top-tier speakers, and panelists, commissioning Ph.D. professors to write white papers on various board relevant topics and helping facilitate key BOD COE executives to attend Board of Director conferences and meet with lobbyists in the nation's capital.  Donors who gift $1000 or more can attend any event at no cost. 

Corporate Giving:

There are numerous benefits of a corporate gift to the Board of Directors Center of Excellence:

-Tax Deduction

-Public Image

-Community Relations

-Brand Loyalty

-Customer Loyalty


Ways to Give:

1) Online Donation

2) Mail a check to:

Charitable Contributions
Board of Directors Center of Excellence
1645 Vine St. Suite #712
Los Angeles, California
US  90028